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Bookmark Alpacas

Variety of socks, scarves, yarn, toys and more!

Tours for your Family or Organization

Group Tours

Pricing: Cost: $7.50 per person. All tours have a minimum charge of $30. (for groups fewer than 4 people).

Payment: We accept cash and checks payable to: Bookmark Alpacas.
Call for Details: 517-641-7251

Service Description

Arrange to have a group tour for your family or organization and let us show you a variety of topics including alpaca fleece to finished goods, farm life and animal care.
A trip to our alpaca farm is a unique and fun way to spend some time with the animals and learn about each one.

Each tour will be tailored to the unique desires of your group.
This is a "hands on" experience as you meet the other animals on the farm; horses, goats, pig, sheep, miniature horses and a donkey along with over 25 alpacas.

Your trip may include:
A walking tour of the animals
Touching alpaca
Hands on fleece preparation
Alpaca History
Alpacas’ nature and unique qualities
Feeding, watering and nutrition
How to properly and safely care for the animals
Processing alpaca fiber to finished goods
The alpaca store will be open after the tour.

Days and Times: We are open 7 days a week by appointment. Each tour lasts about 1 - 1 ½ hours.

Bad Weather: That is not a problem. Our animals are inside the 80 x 200 barn. But if you prefer, we will be happy to reschedule your trip.

*For maximun viewing and handling of the animals, these tours are best in groups of 10 people or less.
Masks are requirred.

Terms of Service

Please call, text or email your tour request to; Candy at 517-641-7251